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The SEBEROC project is carried out on behalf of the SKEP Network and aims at a better regulation of converging technologies.
The research will run for a period of 2 years until the end of 2011.

The consortium brings together researchers from:

Point of interests

  • An overview of the project is available under "Project -> Overview".
  • For more information on the partners please click on "Consortium".
  • Publications and deliverables will be published in the "Media Centre" of this website.


  • The Workshop "The future regulation of nano- and GM-products" in Brussels:
    The two workshops mentioned earlier will now be merged together and carried out with a similar focus in Brussels, on 15 February 2011. A draft agenda can shortly be found here (project -> events).

  • Two Workshops "The role of consumer behaviour in the context of converging technologies" in Brussels:
    The SEBEROC research consortium will host two workshops “The role of consumer behaviour in the context of converging technologies” in the first quarter of 2011 in Bruxelles.
    The first workshop will focus on nanomaterials and derived products. The second workshop will focus on genetic modified organisms and related products.
    Special attention is given to the role of consumer behaviour for better regulation. Please find more information here (project -> events).

  • Presentation at the international conference "Tentative Governance in Emerging Science and Technology"
    Bernd Steffensen and Nicola Below held a presentation at the conference on 28th-29th October 2010. The presentation and the conference booklet is available on the website of the University of Twente.

  • Publication in German Journal "Ökologisches Wirtschaften" - Special Issue on Converging Technologies:
    Manfred Klade, Armin Spök, Bernd Steffensen, "Was wir vom Umgang mit Bio- und Nanotechnologien lernen können"

    An article has recently been published in the German Journal "Ökologisches Wirtschaften" (OEWI), Issue 2-2010. The article issues the governance of converging technologies and gives a short introduction to the SEBEROC research project. The article is available online under "Media Centre -> Publications".

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